Our Story

I am a barrel racer. My husband is a busy Ph.D. Animal Nutritionist with a career researching efficiency of systematic pathways of digestion, creating a sustainable healthy microbiome in animals. For years I complained that it was confusing comparing the objectives and benefits of so many different commercial horse feeds.  In 2017 he took time to dive into the Nutrient Requirements for Horses* (NRC) and make me a calculating spreadsheet defining what nutrients horses need to meet their requirements and plug in the cost of various nutrients in formulation. I wanted feed that was easy (EZ) to understand and use. I wanted low starch, high energy, no corn, no soy, high fat, no added oils (use natural oil seeds), high fiber and no unnecessary fillers. We started out mixing feed in our garage! Years of research and brainstorming resulted in a feed that meets NRC* requirements, soothes the horses digestive system, and is economical due to condensed nutrients. This allowed us to cut back on the amount of feed on a daily basis due to the nutrient density and digestibility of nutrients.  When the formula was to the point it could be locked, we approached Shawnee Milling in OK, to manufacture the feed for us. Once I got our horses on it, some of our friends started using it. Then their friends did too! Now we are blessed to offer VIZION Equine products to the public.

Why trust Vizion Equine for your
horse feed?

VIZION EQUINE has been developed by a PhD Animal Nutritionist and an Equine DVM, combining over 60 years of experience in the professional marketplace including barrel racing, track racing, performance horses, ranch working horses, and major breeding farms.

Vizion Equine About
Vizion Equine About

Vizion Equine's solution to traditional horse feed products

We designed a unique feeding program built on NRC for Horses because we recognized a need for quality, energy dense nutrients, a balanced diet easy to understand and complete with required vitamins, minerals and digestive aids, delivered at a fair price.

A Vizionary Formula

EZ-NRG Feed looks different due to high fiber, condensed energy, all nutrient ingredients with no bulky fillers or non-digestible fiber ingredients. We do not coat our pellets with sprayed on animal or vegetable fats. Because of this, our pellets appear softer, a lighter color, and there will be some powder in the bag due to crumbling. 

This powder is still pure feed, highly digestible nutrients, and horses will eat it all.

*Nutrient Requirements for Horses – a compilation of scientific data published by the National Academy of Sciences (a private non-profit society congressionally funded and mandated to document Animal Nutrition Research). This publication is updated every 8-12 years with research pulled from universities and foundations across the globe.