Making Nutrition EZ

At Vizion Equine we have made horse nutrition EZ with a unique feeding program built on NRC for Horses* built with quality, energy dense nutrients to provide a balanced diet EZ to understand, complete with required vitamins, minerals and digestive aids – all delivered at a fair price

Designed to meet Equine Nutrient Requirements in one EZ-Feeding Program

As a horse owner, one of the most important things you can do to ensure the health and well-being of your horse is to provide them with a properly balanced diet, complete with highly digestible nutrients, vitamins and minerals and digestive aids. This means understanding their unique nutritional requirements and feeding them to meet their specific needs. This complex process is confusing with thousands of commercial products offered. At VIZION Equine, our PhD nutritionist did the hard work so properly feeding your horse can now be EZ.

Feel good about feeding your horse natural ingredients with Vizion Equine

All natural, highest quality nutrient-dense ingredients for optimal horse health and digestion

Steam-treated processed sugar beet pulp adds a high quality digestive agent

Custom designed, strategically delivered nutrients to each segment of the GI in most digestible form where the GI is most able to metabolize them.

Hi fiber, condensed energy, all nutrient ingredients with no bulky fillers or non-digestible fiber ingredients

Which Vizion Equine feed is right for your horse?

Performance feed


is designed for most classes of horses (Including those seniors!) It is a base-line nutrient dense and high fat – low starch feed.  There is no EZ-VTM in the Performance feed. It is specifically designed to be paired with EZ-VTM, but not pre-mixed.  This is intentional so your performance horse, senior, or pasture companion all may be fed at different rates as needed, yet have their supplement needs met with the correct daily amount of EZ-VTM Vitamins/Minerals and Digestive Aids.  Because the Performance feed is nutrient dense without added unnecessary bulk or fillers, you can feed less and see horses thrive in health and condition.

Next Gen Feed


includes EZ-VTM Vitamins/Minerals and Digestive Aids.  It is specifically designed to strategically deliver EZ-VTM at a set rate to meet energy needs of Gestating, Lactating and Growing Horses. This class of horses require more nutrient intake in ration to Vitamins/Minerals and Digestive Aids so feed requirements are set for more feed intake per horse. This feed is ideal for a pasture or group feeding situation.

Discover how EZ-VTM can balance your horse feed needs

EZ-VTM is a vitamin, mineral, and probiotic digestive aids supplement that meets Nutrient Requirements of Horses (NRC) when fed with the EZ-NRG Performance feed. Adjust the amount of feed for individual needs, yet not over or underfeed EZ-VTM to meet nutrient requirements.

*Nutrient Requirements for Horses – a compilation of scientific data published by the National Academy of Sciences (a private non-profit society congressionally funded and mandated to document Animal Nutrition Research). This publication is updated every 8-12 years with research pulled from universities and foundations across the globe.